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Deep in the woods there's a cabin, buried beneath that cabin is a demon.
A group of high-schoolers dupe two classmates into assisting in bringing rise to the demon, but something goes wrong and the teens face off with a gory, blood-dripping, splatter-smattered onslaught that will test, transform, and terrorize them.
Wild, grotesque, hilarious, Who Will Save Your Soul? is what would happen if Evil Dead and Dead Alive made sweet love and gave birth to a book baby.


Ebook $3.99 / Paberback $11.49


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Matt Winter has been a loser and a loner since kindergarten. He's poor. His parents are abusive and he has nowhere to turn...until the four Ray brothers take him in. Confidence blooms, and though the bullying might continue, Matt's getting his licks in.
But that's hardly the trouble anymore. Something's come to Tiberton—small Canadian town—and it's changing people.
Luck makes Matt an eyewitness to the alien madness taking place at the hospital and it's up to him and the Ray brothers to stop the invasion, or at the very least, survive it.


Ebook $0.99 / Paperback $7.49



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Jody Smith is a horror author who lives in small town Ontario, Canada, and likes animals and TV. His gory, splattery horror novella, Who Will Save Your Soul? is available now.